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Professores Milton Rosa e Daniel Clark Orey do DEGEP/CEAD-UFOP tem artigo aceito no periódico ZDM

Após um longo processo de peer review, os professores Milton Rosa e Daniel Clark Orey do DEGEP/CEAD-UFOP tiverem o artigo intitulado A Trivium Curriculum for Mathematics Based on Literacy, Matheracy and Technoracy: An Ethnomathematics Perspective aceito para publicação no volume 47, número 4, do ZDM, edição especial sobre Numeracy, que será publicado no segundo semestre de 2015.

O ZDM é um dos periódicos mais importantes do mundo na área de Educação Matemática, tendo classificação Qualis A1 da Capes.

Resumo: There is a necessity for ethnomathematics-based programs that encourage professors and educators to identify learning-teaching practices and pedagogical actions. The great challenge has been to further elaborate pedagogical practices that are in accordance with philosophical-theoretical objectives in this program. In order to do so, we outline here a curriculum proposal based on D’Ambrosio’s trivium composed by literacy, matheracy, and technoracy that permits the development of school activities based on an ethnomathematical perspective. Literacy is the capacity students have to process information present in their daily lives; matheracy is the capacity students have to interpret and analyze signs and codes in order to propose models to find solutions for problems faced daily; and technoracy is the capacity students have to use and combine different instruments in order to help them to solve these problems. In this context, numeracy plays an important role in this trivium proposed curriculum.